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General Reviews and Testimonials

Carolyn played a big part in making our wedding day special. She is a truly talented musician. Listening toTestomonials1 her play the prelude before the ceremony was one of the most beautiful, spirit-filled moments of the day. Our service was a touch more complicated since we had several friends wanting to give solos as their gift to us and we also were using traditional Church of the Brethren Hymns which are not as common within general christian music. Carolyn enthusiastically worked with all of these parts of the wedding music–even volunteering to arrange pieces for herself. She even made extra time to meet with some of the soloists at a reduced rehearsal fee several days before the wedding when we realized the timing would be too close. She also found a cellist to work with us as well within our price range. Carolyn understands the wedding world well and I am thankful for her time, talent, and network of friends who made everything easier. All of the music sounded beautiful and I am ever grateful that we chose to work with her. Thank you for making our day so special!

Review on “Wedding Wire”, 26 September 2011

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you SO much for playing your beautiful harp at our daughter’s wedding last Saturday, it was perfect. I took off this week for a mini recoup vacation, and just got back.

I don’t remember a lot about the ceremony, I was in a daze, I worked so hard on every detail of the wedding that when it began I kind of just checked out mentally. I remember walking down to get lined up for the wedding and I could hear your harp playing and I thought ‘oh good the harpist is here’, it sounded so beautiful.

I was so worried in the afternoon when it rained that you may not show up. You have been so professional and on top of everything, I can not thank you enough.

The music during the prayer was lovely. Thank you so much for taking the time to come say ‘hello’ to me at the wedding, I really wanted to meet you in person but was ‘caught up’ in the moment. Thanks again, I would highly recommend you to anyone I know.

R.A., 17 Septemer 2011

Your program was so well chosen. As you could tell, everyone at the dinner enjoyed you as well as your artistry on the harp. Many thanks for a beautiful evening.

P.B., Program Chair, Women’s City Club of Pasadena

I enclose a few pictures of the wedding you performed at so beautifully. Thanks again for your wonderful performance. I almost regret having been the bride, as I got to hear you the least of anybody! But you got rave reviews, so bravo! From start to finish, you were great.”


With thanks for your beautiful playing – Yes! we had a super time.


Thanks for helping make our wedding very special!


Congratulations! Your performance at the Faculty Concert was of high musical quality, and most appreciated by the audience. Thank you for your gracious participation and interaction with those present. I look forward to your future performances.

S.T.E., Chairperson, Music Department, Mount St. Mary’s College

Teaching Reviews and Testimonials

Carolyn teaching childrenCarolyn is more than a harp teacher. 5/5 stars! My daughter has been taking harp lessons with Carolyn in the past 5 years. She has not only learned how to play harp, but also developed passion for music and explored harp career opportunities.

Carolyn introduced my daughter to our local chapter of American Harp Society (AHS). Through AHS, my daughter attended AHS conference when the meeting was local. She participated in harp scholarship competitions and performed for local communities. When she decided to do a project in Harp for Healing, Carolyn introduced her to local Music for Healing institutions. When she wants to do auditions for All State Honor Orchestra, Carolyn helped her to record CDs. Now my daughter is a high school senior. Over the years, she has enjoyed playing, and built an excellent harp resume for her college application.


Great Guru! 5/5 stars! I am a beginner in harp. Since last one year, I am having some serious fun with harp. Carolyn always makes me feel that ‘I can do it’. She is very encouraging, helpful, fun loving and serious teacher with vast knowledge.


Everything You Could Possibly Ask for in a Teacher. Carolyn Sykes has been giving me harp lessons since I was seven years old. As a child she was patient with me and always made playing the harp fun. She was always there with great advice and excellent instruction when I was feeling ambitious but understood when playing the harp was the last thing I wanted to do. At a time when I felt like I might want to quit the harp she allowed me to come to class with no obligation to practice. If she hadn’t been so kind and patient I probably wouldn’t be playing the harp today. She has helped me improved so much, and once I was able to reach a more serious, ambitious mindset she helped me learn challenging classical and jazz pieces I never thought I’d be playing. Carolyn Sykes is all that anyone could ask for in a teacher. She has immense knowledge and talent but really knows what people need and how to teach them.


A great, one of a kind teacher. Carolyn has taught my daughter Lindsay for 11 years from age 6 to 17. She is a highly accomplished musician who has stimulated my daughter’s interest in music and been a constant support for her. She is a great role model, a mentor and a confidant. She is flexible and adjusts her teaching style to her student’s needs while always maintaining quality and integrity. She is a truly unique teacher.


Carolyn is a wonderful teacher. I was very hesitant being an adult student and attempting the harp- but Carolyn made me feel confident from the first day. She has a way of teaching that allows you confidence in playing but encourages you to learn more and push yourself just that little bit. She always points out the positive and focuses on your strengths- I am very lucky to have found such a great teacher.


Carolyn makes playing the harp a lot of fun. Learning to play harp with Carolyn is a joy. She is wonderfully affirming and patient with a great sense of humor. She is also very good at breaking down techniques to simple steps and yet she is continually moving you forward. I have only been playing for about a year and already I have a repertoir to beautiful songs!
WONDERFUL teacher!!! Carolyn is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had the opportunity to study with – I learned ten times faster with her than anyone else, and she was wonderful to work with! Not to mention the oppotunities to better my musicianship and performance skills through her recitals and CD recording was absolutely invaluable (plus the CD’s make great Christmas gifts! :D), as well as the chance to gain audition experience through the Royal School exams. She helped me prepare for my college auditions in a way I never would have been able to anywhere else! HIGHLY recommended!!

About Us

Pacific Harps is a boutique harp instruction, performance, showroom and sales company located in Pasadena, California. Established over 30 years ago by Carolyn Sykes, Pacific Harps has links to France, Australia, Pakistan, Ireland and South America and is continuing to expand, spreading the joy of harp music to an ever wider audience.


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